Collection of Free Resources from Dr. Richard Bernstein

Below are a number of free resources provided by Dr. Richard Bernstein including many free chapters of his book as well as some audio excerpts.

  1. Read the free chapters from the book The Diabetes Solution¬†available from Dr. Bernstein’s website:
    1. My Life with Diabetes: 60 Years and Counting
    2. Before & After: 14 Patients Share Their Experiences
    3. Chap. 1: Diabetes: The Basics
    4. Chap. 7: The Laws of Small Numbers
    5. Chap. 9: The Basic Food Groups, or Much of What You’ve Been Taught About Diet is Probably Wrong
    6. Chap. 10: Diet Guidelines: Basic Treatment for All Diabetics
    7. Chap. 12: Weight Loss–If You’re Overweight
    8. Chap. 15: Oral Insulin-Sensitizing Agents, Insulin-Mimetic Agents, and Amylin Analog
    9. Chap 24. What You Can Expect from Virtually Normal Blood Sugars
    10. Appendix A: What About the Widely Advocated Dietary Restrictions on Fat, Protein, and Salt, and the Current High-Fiber Fad?
    11. Appendix D: Foot Care for Diabetics
  2. Listen to free audio excerpts of Dr. Bernstein explaining various parts of his Diabetes Solution from this site :
    1. Introduction by Dr. Bernstein
    2. Science of treating Diabetes
    3. The Chinese Restaurant Effect
    4. Insulin Timing
    5. How carbohydrates affect blood glucose
    6. Foods to stay away from
    7. Sick Days
    8. Nausea and Vomiting
    9. Hospital Care
    10. Exercise and Diabetes
    11. Debunking the Somogyi Effect
  3. Read the many free articles available at Dr. Richard K. Bernstein’s Corner on low carb,