DIABECELL® is a breakthrough cell therapy that has the potential to change the lives of the millions of people worldwide with type 1 diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes usually requires life-long treatment with regular insulin injections.

DIABECELL is an insulin-producing cell product derived from pigs for the treatment of type 1 diabetes. These islet cells are self-regulating and efficiently secrete insulin in the patient’s body.

The treatment involves introducing encapsulated pig cells into the patient’s abdomen in a simple laparoscopic procedure. Living Cell Technologies’ unique proprietary encapsulation technology prevents the islet cells from being attacked by the patient’s immune system. This allows the use of cell therapies without the need for co-treatment with drugs that suppress the immune system, which often have negative side effects.

Press Releases: The Biliary Tree of Life

Researchers at the Diabetes Research Institute (DRI) have described a network of stem cells in the biliary tree, liver, and pancreas – and they are proposing to consider it as a framework for understanding liver and pancreas regeneration after extensive or chronic injuries.

Taking it one step further, they suggest that these stem cells should be considered for the study and treatment of diseases that affect these organs – such as type 1 diabetes.


Bitter~Sweet ™

Bitter~Sweet ™

In 2008 Karen started her diabetes blog, Bitter-Sweet, and became immersed in the diabetes online community. She is a member of Diabetes Advocates, is a Diabetes Community Advocacy Foundation Board Member and leads the monthly Virtual PODS support meetings for DiabetesSisters. She also advocates offline, volunteering with two local JDRF chapters in her home state of Connecticut – she holds the volunteer Advocacy Team Chair position and Board seat with one chapter and volunteers on the Adult Outreach Planning committee with another chapter.

Her blog tag-line best sums up what she’s come to realize over the years . . . . life with diabetes isn’t all bad.