How To: Give Your Feet a Pedicure

This section is for all of you. If you want to treat your ten little tootsies this is how.

Its lovely to have nice looking, comfortable, happy feet.  After you’ve been doing all that exercising your feet could do with a little pampering.  The more you can make this part of your daily routine the happier your feet will be. You may soak your feet for up to five minutes if you intend to cut your nails.

Fill a basin or bath with some warm water.
Test it with your hand to see its not too hot.
Add a good sprinkle of salt.
Add some bath gel, liquid soap or use a bar of soap.
Add a favourite aromatherapy oil – just a few drops – if you like.
Put your feet in and give them a gentle wash.
You may leave them to soak for up to five minutes.

Take your feet out and put them on a towel.
Give them a thorough dry particularly between the toes.
Place your feet where you can see them and if you are not flexible enough to see the sole of your foot use a mirror.

Are there any rough areas, unusually reddened areas?
Any sores? Any cuts? Any blisters?
How are your nails?
Any breaks in the skin between your toes?

If any problems are apparent you may need to deal with them yourself, see your podiatrist within the week or even see a doctor as an emergency if you suspect you have an infection.

Do your nails need cut?
To cut them use nail clippers or scissors. Be sure to look exactly where you are going with the scissors. Cut the big nail straight across so the nail edge does not cut into your skin.

Now for a massage.
Bring out your container of vegetable or animal oil. Pour some into your palms and then stroke it all over your feet.
Rub it into the nails, between the toes, and on the sole of your foot.
Give the ball of your foot which takes a lot of pressure a good massage.

You can extend the massage up your leg to your knee. Sweep your hand upwards towards the heart. The shin area and round the ankle area can be affected by poor circulation in later years so keeping the skin supple here is helpful.

To finish off gently use the towel to absorb any excess oil on your legs or feet.
Put on a fresh pair of socks for a while. This will keep your carpets, bedcovers and shoes from becoming oily.

Make a date with your feet to have the same loving experience very soon.

Quick Quiz:
There is no quiz in this section. The only thing you need to ask your tootsies is what soaps and oils they like best.

Reference Info:
Acknowlegements to my ten little friends and to my podiatrist Simon Littlejohn.

Where to Next?
Did you enjoy that? I hope you did. Your happy feet can now toddle along to the next section How To: Know What Things Beyond Food Can Affect My Blood Sugar.