How To: Create An Emergency Information Pack

This section is for everyone.


I have diabetes and I take insulin or  medicine which can lower my blood sugar.
Low blood sugar levels can cause death and brain damage. Please help me.

If I cannot be woken up or walk or talk easily please take me to a hospital with an accident and emergency department or call an emergency ambulance right away.
I will need to have a glucose drip to raise my blood sugar.

If I am confused please give me a glucose drink. I may have glucose gel, tablets or a sugar drink in my pockets or bag.

I have already taken a glucagon injection.

I have not taken any glucagon.

Thank you.

Passport Number
Contact Phone No

Vomiting and Diabetes

I have insulin dependent diabetes.

I need to see a doctor at an accident and emergency department right away.

I am very ill and need an intravenous saline drip.

I think I am developing diabetic ketoacidosis.

I have been vomiting repeatedly.  I cannot stop.

Please phone an emergency ambulance right away.

My blood sugar is now………………………………………….

I am showing ketones in my urine.

I am not showing ketones in my urine.

I think the cause of the high blood sugars is:

I have an infection.

I did not take enough insulin.

I got dehydrated.

Thank you for helping me.

Passport Number
Contact Phone Number

Food Choices

I have diabetes.  To keep my blood sugars as normal as possible I need to eat more of some foods and less of others.

I particularly find that eating certain grains and starches can make me feel very ill.

It is very important that I am able to choose food from the entire menu and choose the portion size of  the foods that I need.

Thank you for your understanding.

Self Monitoring of Blood Sugar

I have diabetes.  I do my best to keep my blood sugars as normal as I can when I am at home.

Having very good blood sugar control  is particularly important  in a hospital and when getting over illnesses or operations when infection can so easily get a hold in someone with diabetes.

Because I have developed such a fine personal awareness of exactly how best to manage my blood sugars it is essential that I continue to do this for myself while I am here.

I would therefore ask you to respect the need for my blood sugar monitoring kit to be beside me at all times.

I will also need to have:

My insulin delivery kit.

My “hypo” food  and drink kit.

My drinking water.

Thank you with your help for this most important part in getting me well again.
I really appreciate it.

Foreign Travel

It is a good idea to construct personalised emergency information before you ever need admitted to hospital.

If you plan to travel to an area where you are NOT fluent in the language you can use Google Translate  to translate any text that you type in. Many languages are available from the Google Translate  site. There are also many mobile apps to do the same thing.

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Where to Next?
If you are carer for a child with diabetes or you are that child please continue to How To: Prepare a Diabetic Child for Life Outside the Home section.

Otherwise please continue to the How To: Know if My Insulin is Still Good section.