How To: Know if My Insulin is Still Good

This section is for everyone.

Never use insulin that doesn’t look right. Humalog, Novorapid, Regular, Lantus and Levemir/Detemir should look clear.

Novorapid lasts six weeks.
Lantus can go off after 3 weeks and is the most vulnerable to going off if exposed to heat or light.
Most others last a month.

If your sugars are going a bit high consider if old insulin may be the problem and open a new vial. New insulin can be more potent than month old insulin.

Heat can cause long lasting insulin to act like short acting insulin and give you low blood sugars. Leaving it in a hot car can cause this effect.

Get a big cin bin from a pharmacy or your diabetes clinic to dispose of your sharps. Take it back for a new one when it is full.


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