How To: Prepare a Diabetic Child for Life Outside the Home

This section is for children and their parents and carers.  You can skip this section if you are not in this situation and proceed to the How To: Know if My Insulin is Still Good section.

Equip your child with a “survival pack” that contains everything they will be likely to need if they are out for the day.  A small rucksack, big bum bag or shoulder bag can work well.

  • In it put the insulin, tester and glucose drink, tablets or gel.
  • Wear the alert bracelet or dog tag.
  • Put some carbohydrate containing food in the bag or carry it in a pocket.
  • Carry a charged mobile phone.
  • Carry some money to buy food if necessary.A container of diastix for testing draft “diet” drinks.
  • A copy of the “Hypoglycaemia” emergency card with your home contact and mobile numbers on it.
  • A copy of the personalised “How to deal with hypoglycaemia” information (see How To: Deal with Low Blood Sugars)

When going on a lengthy outing encourage them to go with others rather than alone.

Take the glucagon trip on an overnight stay.

Always ask what food they can eat if you go low if you are staying at someone’s house.

Advise them to take more supplies than they think they will need if  going on a bike ride or long hike.

Have a stash of fast acting carb in one place that can be used for lows.

Bring diet drinks to a party.

Ask for a locker at school or storing extra food/diet drinks/juice. They may not be available to everyone but they may give one to an insulin dependent diabetic.


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Acknowledgements to Spike and Bo Loy’s, 487 Really Cool Tips for Kids with Diabetes

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