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For Everyone: Type 2 diabetes: Type 1 diabetes:
(Type 1, Type 2, and those who want to lose weight, get fit and reduce their chances of getting metabolic syndrome or type two diabetes) (insulin dependent)
How To: Lose Weight and Keep it Off

How To: Know the Truth About Carbohydrates

How To: Know the Truth About Fats

How To: Follow Dr. Bernstein's Dietary Plan

How To: Follow a Low Carbohydrate Diet

How To: Cook and Bake the Low Carb Way

How To: Learn About Metabolic Syndrome

How To: Find Information Online

How To: Look after yourself with Type 2 diabetes

How To: 'Eat to Meter'

How To: Count Carbohydrates

How To: Do the Atkins Diet

How To: Know What Things Beyond Food Can Affect My Blood Sugar

How To: Know How Proteins, Fats, and Carbs Affect My Blood Sugar

How To: Count Carbohydrates

How To: Monitor My Blood Sugar Appropriately

How To: Know What Oral Medications I May Be Offered for Diabetes

How To: Eat from a Hospital Menu

How To: Take Care of Your Feet

How To: Give Your Feet a Pedicure

How To: Keep Healthy with Diabetes

How To: Safely Dispose of Needles and Other Sharps

How To: Keep Healthy with Type 1 Diabetes

How To: Deal with the Stress of a Newly Diagnosed Child

How To: Create Emergency Information Pack

How To: Prepare a Diabetic Child for Life Outside the Home

How To: Know if My Insulin is Still Good

How To: Prepare Myself for My College Years with Diabetes

How To: Be the Star of Your Diabetic Clinic

How To: Decide What To Eat When Using Insulin

How To: Use Insulin to the Best Effect

How To: Know How Different Insulin Regimes Compare

How To: Calculate My Insulin Sensitivity

How To: Turn My Pen Into Pump

How To: Cover a Strict Low Carb, Moderate Low Carb, and High Carb Diet with Insulin

How To: Do Dr. Morrison's Carb Weighting System

How To: Time Insulin Injections for Simple Insulin Regimes

How To: Help Diabetics Who Can't Afford Insulin

How To: Deal with Low Blood Sugars

How To: Advise My Helpers of Low Blood Sugars

How To: Deal with High Blood Sugars

How To: Match Insulin Reduction to Carb Reduction and Get The Best out of the Insulin Calculator

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How To: Organize My Supplies

How To: Adjust My Basal Insulin

How To: Use Bolus Insulins Effectively